Field Flowers 1


Field Flowers 2

Although I am sure they have a technical name, we call them Buttercups, and they really are the prettiest little flowers.  Like so many field flowers, I really love them because you always seem to find them nestled amongst so many other flowers.  This makes getting a relatively decent background quite easy.  However, on the day that I took these photographs, it was quite cloudy, and the fact that they were really deep in the grasses/other flowers, made it even darker.  So, time for a texture!  The one I used here is one I made just for these photographs, and I used it more as an overlay than a texture.  If you like it, you are quite welcome to use it.  Just click on the link below it, and it’s yours to use as you wish.

From the beginning of next week, though about mid-August, I am going to be on and off scarce here, as well as on FB, IG, and Flickr, due to company from out of town, birthdays, travel, and one very special graduation!  :-)  We’ll see how time goes, and take it from there.

Happy day to you!

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July 22nd, 2014|

Poppy Time

Red-Poppy-Macro-July 2014



Yellow-Poppy-July 2014



Red-Poppies-July 2014



Red-Poppy-Single-July 2014

July 15th, 2014|

Such an Ugly Name…

Spiderwort-June 2014

…for such a pretty flower.  Spiderwort is very much a weed to some, and I must admit that like a weed, it will take over a garden in no time.  But I still think they are one of the prettiest summer flowers, and unlike many flowers, they will produce new blooms throughout the entire summer.

July 7th, 2014|

I’ll Just Bet…

Deer-Hiding-May 2014

…that you can’t see me!!

Hope you’re having a great week!

July 1st, 2014|

It Finally Feels Like Summer


Yes, I do think it has arrived!  To all of my friends in the Northern Hemisphere, Happy Summer to you!!  And to all of my friends in the Southern Hemisphere, I can only say that I sure wish our winters looked like yours.  Happy Winter to you!  Interestingly enough, the mornings are still quite cool here, but the days have been sunny and warm.  Really, just about perfect.  In spite of the unusually cold winter, there has been lots of beautiful color, with the exception of our lilacs which never bloomed this year, and the 10 rose bushes that we lost to the winter.  In both instances, this has never happened before, so I guess it was not just me being ultra-sensitive to the cold this past winter.

In other news…for those of you who have been visiting me for a while, you know that we have a House #1 (where we live), and a House #2 (where we spend holiday and weekend time).  Well, it looks like we will be moving to House #2, and selling House #1, after an addition is put on House #2.  Got all that???  Hopefully excavation will begin at the end of July, and we plan to be in there by spring of 2015 at the latest.  It’s definitely an exciting time, but there’s also a lot of work to do in deciding what will go with us, and what will not.  I have been sorting and disposing of “stuff” since last November, and I am seriously considering an audition for the “Hoarders” show.  Okay, it’s not that bad, but I am definitely a keeper of things.  You know, I am not sure I ever really understood, when someone would say that getting rid of stuff you don’t need/will never use, actually makes you feel lighter, but now?  Oh yes, I completely get it.  However, I have yet to see how I will feel when I go to look for something that I decided I wouldn’t need/wouldn’t use, and that WILL happen.  I’ll let you know just how “gracefully” I handle it.  :-)

For those of you using Photoshop CC, how about that new update???  It is surely making me rethink all the unhappy thoughts I had when Adobe decided to go to subscription format.  It is amazing.  Lots to learn though, but I’m working through it a little at a time.

Finally, I have decided that instead of keeping comments totally off, I will turn them on and off.  On, for a “wordy” post like this one, or a tutorial or the like, and off when I just post a photograph.  A kind of happy medium, and one that I think I will be comfortable with.  Now I just have to remember how to turn them back on!


June 23rd, 2014|

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